Microdyne Outsourcing in Methuen, Massachusetts - No raises, No training, Plenty of disrespect


I worked at Microdyne for a couple of years. It was a joke. I went through 5 managers in a couple of years. I ended up working for a manager who had no clue. The harder you worked, the more work you got. You work there to make someone else look good. The word performance review is unknown.

Leaving that place was the best thing I ever did. We were denied overtime and told that if we worked it that we wouldnt get paid. I remember working with customers several times and having to stop.

I feal sorry for the customers I left behind. The quality of work that they are getting is sub standard.

Microdyne Outsourcing in Old Town, Maine - Microdyne (Maine)


Microdyne Outsourcing Maine is probably the worst place to work. Siemens is one of the largest contracts in the building.

The agents there have not seen a pay raise in almost 2 years and there is not one in site for them. I am surprised that a large company like Siemens would allow this to happen. They push and push the agents harder and harder and give them nothing in return. They wonder why they loose agents at an alarming rate.

If upper management would take there heads out of their behinds and look around they might see what is really going on.

Upper management gets pay raises all the time.



I left Microdyne in Augusta back in 2003 to go back to college. I now work in IT for an international corporation, no complaints.

O walked out of that building in March of '03 with a smile on my face. Looking back, I have to wonder how managers/leads were hired, as most of the incumbents had no clue. High school drop-outs in important positions.

Employees with education and potential left to sit taking calls. Bad, just bad.


Yes, Microdyne was an easy place to work for a very long time. However, there is no future in the job.

I am directing this to the current employee who doesn't seem to understand one's anger over being "***" around (for lack of a better term) by their job. I had a good run at Microdyne, but why waste your time philandering around at different jobs when you can go to school and specialize in something...make yourself a commodity. Customer care workers come a dime a dozen. I had a friend who worked there in Maine, and she recently attained her certification in Medical Billing or Medical office management or something.

You don't have to go to school for a Phd, that's just what I want to do, but you should do something b/c I guarantee you that you will be a pawn at a call center like Microdyne or any call center for that matter. I'm just trying to help you out, and believe me, honey, I am not mad nor do I hold any animosity for a place that taught me a lot about life, and I learned a great deal about training and quality assurance. Everything is a learning experience.

I was bitter when I left, but I have such a promising future that it would be absurd for me to be angry about such a trivial job. Good luck to all of you, milk it for what it's worth.


I used to work for microdyne in maine and in ny. I was a trainer for a new contract at the time.

I quit over 2 years ago because I realized there was no future. Now I am in my last year of college at UNCA where I am working toward a ba in cellular and molecular biology. Since I've left microdyne, I have had many undergraduate research opportunities; I worked in a biochemistry lab and actually got paid to learn and work.

You guys need to create a secure future for yourselves because I promise you it is not with microdyne. Even their management have no solid future with that company.


When I worked for Microdyne Outsourcing they needed to lay people off but they did not want to pay unemployment so they began fabricating reasons to fire employees.


wow there's so much anger here - unfortunately this is the sign of the times; little do any of you know that management (regardless of the company) work very hard to the company afloat in these really touch economic times. How many of you current or former employees have actually said anything to upper management, human resources, anyone that could do anything but commiserate with you - quit ***, start communicating


Well things are really going downhill for Microdyne Management placement is even worse than before and they are all new since most of management moved on or was fired. One guy sitting next to me just got fired for going to the bathroom and he went to the labor board and now they are under investigation for their labor pratices.

Most of the contracts that are left are doing poorly and run poorly and the companies we service see this and may pull out.

I am out of here as of Nov. 1st moving south to New Hampshire for work.

We just got a $2.20 per/hr cut in pay and I can no longer afford to work at Microdyne.

Very sad to see a company go down like this I hope the country comes back we we wake up and start saving american jobs instead of sending them out of country.

American companys are shooting themselves in the foot.


More paycuts happening. Some of us losing 3 dollars or more an hour with unattainable pfp structure..people being fired for having to take restroom breaks yet not using up their break time. fun times.....place is dying...


now the folks over at westinghouse are getting the hammer by management who has no clue as to what really needs to be done on the contract. kyle i dont care what you are doing take a call says one manager.

but i have to get my reports out today. oh, ok then. here is another contract that is short staffed with more and more stuff placed upon the pawns to do with less and less time to get them all done. way to go microdyne management.

outstanding job. got your bonus didn't you. meanwhile all the soldiers are in the mud laden trenches doing the work with no pay raises and still getting screwed out of there quality pfp. you get docked 5 points on the audit and yet you end up with a score of 93.

sorry where did you learn to do math at. oh by the way do not forget about the write ups for people that have medical reasons/conditions to be gone. we understand that you have had gallbladder surgery and have been out for 3 weeks recovering, but here is your level 1 write up. two more and you will be terminated.

outstanding management work, way to build up moral.

oh wait, you don't know how to do that do you. that wasnt in your schooling on how to screw people over.


Problem with all of management at Microdyne is that they're all pawns and poodles for a bunch of faceless sodomites, OK with coming into work week after week collecting a paycheck for doing nothing but screw over the Microdyne employees.

If Siemens wants people to get the impression that their German based organization is behaving the same as the *** that we fought in WWII - then Microdyne Outsourcing /L3 Communications is certainly doing their part in controlling that reality.


Since the loss of the Dell contract, Microdyne is struggling to make ends meet. Notice the lack of overtime, incentives, or any financial "extras"?

They don't have the $ to pay for ***.

Any surplus cash gets put into upper-managements' already fat pockets, and the "drones" on the floor are stuck doing the same thing with morale plummeting and cost of living increasing while paychecks aren't. I give the company a year before it goes belly-up.

Bogenhausen, Bayern, Germany #28093

currently working on first american contract and they have screwed us out of our quality audit pfp since the middle of may. we are now to the point of walking out.

management does nothing to fix the problems. some of the workers have lost 1.25 per hour due to other contracts being lost.

Mill Creek, Washington, United States #22825

When i worked for Microdyne in Torrance California, they were awesome.. gave raises etc.

The main problem was the president.

He was or is such a bonehead that he drove the company into the ground along with the financial staff. Making themselves rich.

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